SHOOT THE MESSENGER: Espionage, Murder & Pegasus Spyware

Exile's Flagship Podcast

Shoot the Messenger is a serialized, biweekly investigative reporting podcast distributed by PRX. In every season, Exile reporters investigate one international crime. You may have heard the headlines — this is the deep dive.

The first season opens with an investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi’s inner circle discovered they had the world’s most sophisticated military-grade spyware on their phones. It’s called Pegasus. It gives full access to your phone. In a special partnership with the Committee to Protect Journalists, Season 1 features ten episodes on “Espionage, Murder and Pegasus Spyware.”

Hosts Rose Reid and Nando Vila investigate Pegasus, the Israeli technology company that makes it, the NSO Group, and the cyber war industry that is booming around it.

An in-depth analysis of NSO’s billion dollar industry, including how they funded their operations and where they are now.