Carlos Alfaro

- Vice President of IT

Carlos oversees information security and technology for the company. In addition, he advises on crypto and NFT projects for Exile. Before this role, Carlos served as the VP of social media Projects for Univision News, where he played a crucial part in developing the company’s social media strategy. Under his leadership, the social media audience grew to over 11 million, and the company received several Social TV recognitions.

Before joining Univision, Carlos was the editor of Hispanic Trends magazine, a publication focused on the Hispanic business community and the growing influence of Hispanic entrepreneurs in the United States. The magazine covered various topics, including business, marketing, finance, and technology, emphasizing issues and opportunities relevant to Hispanic business owners and professionals. In June 2006, Alfaro re-branded the magazine as Hispanic Enterprise, maintaining its focus on the Hispanic business community.

Before that, he was Director of New Media and Online Editor at Page One Media. He oversaw Page One Media’s online initiatives, including managing the magazine’s websites, and He also frequently contributed to various sections of PODER magazine. Earlier in his career, Carlos was the sections editor for the lifestyle magazine LOFT, producing content for 12 sections. He joined Zoom Media Group, Inc., LOFT’s parent company, in 2000 as Chief Technology Officer for Internet magazine Punto-com. Punto-com later evolved into the business magazine PODER.

Before relocating to Miami to work for Zoom Media Group, Carlos served as Chief Technology Officer for, an internet portal resulting from a joint venture between Grupo Semana and Editorial El Tiempo, two of Colombia’s most influential magazine and newspaper publishing companies. The portal was later sold to Terra Networks, a division of Telefónica.