Senior Producer -EXILE MX

The Senior Producer serves as one of the main editorial voices for our shows. On the development team, a senior producer must be able to take an idea and make it real. That means turning brainstorms and ideas into narrative arcs, pilots and episodes. This role is responsible for coming up with new show ideas, piloting shows on a quick turnaround and delivering on the potential for ideas that Exile has greenlit. This is not the right role for someone who wants to work on one kind of show or podcast or format. To be a senior producer on Exile’s development team, you need to be able to jump from a deeply reported narrative show, to a seasonal show, to a weekly show, to a short-form or long-form daily show. This person needs to have enthusiasm and creativity for a broad range of talent and formats. As a senior producer, you will be managing producers, writers, engineers and external collaborators, and as well as many aspects of show productions such as: managing schedules and deadlines, field reporting, producing key interviews, thinking through story arcs, writing scripts, and working through and organizing tape. Are you looking to make stories that matter? Are you looking to collaborate on ambitious projects for multiple platforms? We’re looking for you!

What You Have:

  • 4 years, or more, of experience making audio
  • Good communication skills in Spanish and English.
  • Strong ability to structure a compelling and unique audio story, both editorially and technically (ProTools experience required)
  • Experience working on a tight production schedule and translating ideas into action
  • Preference for working with and leading a collaborative team
  • Strong ability to keep open lines of communication on a team
  • A knack for delivering clear, conscientious feedback on both stories and performance
  • Eagerness to train, develop, and mentor more junior staff members

What You’ll Do:

  • Pilot new shows
  • Pitch new show ideas
  • Create plans for how a new show or season will look, sound, and be structured
  • Set deadlines, clearly communicate those deadlines and keep the team on track and working toward its goals
  • Work with and manage both internal and external talent and hosts
  • Help to hire and staff new shows and for new show development
  • Pre-interview, interview, report, record, and write stories
  • Get episodes in shape for editors and deliver episodes in good shape (preliminary structure with a script)
  • Manage both the editorial product and the career development of more junior producers
  • Select tape, pitch angles on stories, participate in and at times run group edits

Please send your resume to: